Status Update for February 4, 2021

February 4, 2021

Time for some real talk from GreatDanePhotos owner, Amy Johnson.

I know you want your products. I know this. And I assure you that I am working on delivering them to you. 

Here's the thing. If you want them FAST, order a downloadable file. Get something that has "Instant" in the name and you can have it as soon as the payment is confirmed.

If you order anything else, it will take some time. And unfortunately, it is taking more time than I estimate. Products that aren't delivered instantly take focus and concentration on my part and that has been in very short supply for the past year. I promise you I'm working on it, but every single thing I do is taking far longer than it should and far longer than I want it to. But I've given up trying to argue with my brain and I just keep plodding along, trying to get things shipped or emailed. 

If you can't wait any longer, email me and I'll send you a refund, no questions asked.

If you just want to know where your stuff is, take a breath, have a beer and check out something new on Netflix. Please don't email me for a status update -- that only breaks my concentration and getting it back again takes even longer. It'll get there when it gets there.

I appreciate your continued patience. Thank you for being loyal customers all these years. Your ongoing support means more than you know. I hope all of you and yours are safe and healthy and I'll see you ringside soon!

If you ordered photos from the 2020 AKC Agility Invitational, updated turnaround times are as follows:

  • Instant Download digital images are available via a link on your order confirmation page. If you missed the link at checkout, you can download them from your account. Log in at, go to Account --> Profile. You will find links to your orders on that page. Click on the order number and then click on the DOWNLOAD button. 
  • Print-ready digital images ordered by January 2 will be processed and delivered by January 21 February 1 February 10. I was called in to substitute on a workshop for a photographer who got COVID, so my production schedule is pushed by a bit. I appreciate your patience. You will receive an email with a link to download the images.
  • If you ordered a USB drive with your Print-ready digitals, that will ship by the end of January mid-February via First Class Mail. I am hopeful that the slowdowns in the mail service will be fixed by then, but if not, please be patient for your order to arrive.  
  • Prints and Collages ordered by January 2 will ship by the end of January mid-February via First Class Mail. I am hopeful that the slowdowns in the mail service will be fixed by then, but if not, please be patient for your order to arrive.  
  • Products ordered after January 2 will ship by the end of February.

If you have questions, please email

I hope you are all safe and healthy.  I look forward to seeing you later this year!

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