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Upcoming events in 2016
  • June 18-19, NWASC ASCA Agility, Soccer Blast
  • June 25-26, NWASC ASCA Agility, Duluth
  • July 1-3, NSHGC AKC Agility, Soccer Blast
  • July 9-10, MAC NADAC Agility, Soccer Blast
  • July 16-17, MAC AKC Agility, Soccer Blast
  • August 13-14, SPK9 CPE Agility, Soccer Blast
  • August 19-21, GTCGRC AKC Agility, Soccer Blast

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Last day to guarantee delivery by
Christmas Eve is NOVEMBER 1, 2016. Based on the schedule in December (both my show schedule and the holidays) all orders placed after November 1 will ship after January 1. PLEASE PLAN ACCORDINGLY!